PROFUMI & CO. it is a joung company with the technical management of mr. Simone Artoni, who boasts a thirty-year experience in the high perfumery sector; for over 25 years, it is also working in lithography and after different researches his staff has successfully experience the production of car fragrances with offset printing, with very high resolution (photographic). the inks that we use are designed to prevent problems to contact with fragrances. PROFUMI & CO. also is certifi ed ISO 9001, and produces its own products in the factory of VilladoseRovigo using only raw materials made in italy, especially fragrances certifi ed I.F.R.A. and in compliance with the latest REACH regulations.


We use a special paper, which is produced in italy specifi cally for “car air freshners” use; it is produced with cellulose and cotton to avoid the oxidation of the perfumes.


Lastly they are very appreciated perfumes that are inspired by the most sold personal fragrances. Our archive goes 90% of the famous perfumes, you can ask for what you prefer; the classic fragrances are available as: vanilla, white musk, pine, lemon, strawberry, coconut, mango, lavender, jasmine, sandal, apple, pear, new car, green tea, and many other you can choose them on our web site, under “fragrances “.

PROFUMI & CO. It uses 100% pure perfume (it is not mixed to solvents to reduce the price, system used by the most of our competitors).

New car

White musk




Green Tea









Fragrance 1

Fragrance 2

Fragrance 3

Fragrance 4

Fragrance 5

Fragrance 6

Fragrance 7


We have many ready-made shapes, some are available on our web site UNDER “ready SHAPES”, in case of use of a ready shapes we will not charge any die costs;
We can produce your customized shape, in this case the cost of the die will be estimated after CHECK the SHAPE: min € 100 max €350.
To the air freshner we apply a plastic hook (pic. 2) Or an elastic (pic.1) To you the choice!


The air freshners are individually packaged in a special barrier envelope, fi lm polyester and polypropylene coupled, (pet 12 + coexpp 40) preventing the evaporation of the perfume, (IN unopened packaging, guaranteed 24 month fragrance duration).
Size of the envelope (pic 3): width 2/3 mms. more than the width of the air freshner; length 40 mms. more than the length of the air freshner (including welds).
We can print a different graphics on the back.


Availability of blisters / header card (pic. 4): a glossy 300 grs. Paper will be used, (if not specifi ed in the offer is not included), four-color printing (4 + 0 or 4 + 4) will have to be added to the printing system cost also for the blister; in this case the air freshners will be packaged in bags Containing 100 pcs. each (The offer does not include blister packs unless specifi ed separately).


Carton box with size mms. 500x360x360 containing about 1500 air freshners (depending on the size), a box of 1500 pcs. weighs about 13 kg, without blister. Version with blister 960 pcs. weight 15 kg.