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Profumi & Co was born in Italy from an idea of ​​its founder who has been operating in the perfume sector since 1990. Today Profumi & Co is one of the most specialized companies in the production and sale of professional fragrances for car, room and home fragrances; the business is mainly aimed at cleaning companies, car washes, offices, communities, hotels, nursing homes, restaurants, schools, spas, doctors’ offices, clinics, and shops of any type: the range of products is updated daily, through the insertion of new lines; furthermore, those already in place are reformulated, according to the needs of customers and the market; the careful study in the formulation and the raw materials of the highest quality give the fragrances of Profumi & Co a long persistence; thanks to their high concentration they leave a heady scent in the environment, eliminating any unpleasant odors; these are the factors that accompany Profumi & Co in a natural and distinctive way in the choice of fragrances.
All fragrances created by Profumi & Co are I.F.R.A. certified and in compliance with the latest REACH regulations.
Furthermore Profumi & Co is ISO 9001 certified

A scent fascinates, inebriates refreshing the environment that surrounds you whether it’s an office, a house or a car.

The careful project of the design follows the technological evolution reinventing style and functionality.
The essences change, they mutate, thus becoming witnesses of a specific time and a state of mind

These are the factors that accompany Profumi & Co in a natural and instinctive way in choosing a fragrance.
For over thirty years the founder of Profumi & Co has been dealing with this:
improving life and its daily flow.

Linea Auto

Car line
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Linea Professional

Professional line
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Profumi & co.

A lively and competent company, grown with a passion for research in the creation and production of air fresheners for the car and air fresheners for the home.

An original and complete range

An original and complete range consisting of:

  • scented essences and oils
  • natural essential oils
  • scented envelopes
  • room-spray
  • stick speakers
  • perfumers for small and large spaces


Creativity and tecnology

The products in our collections are tested and guaranteed, thanks to the use of certified substances in full respect of the environment and health.