Attentive fragrance design follows the tracks of technological evolution, reinventing style and possibilities for use.


Since 1989 we are specialized in the production of perfumes and perfumers. our articles are produced with cutting-edge technologies, innovative materials and a wide assortment of perfumes and natural essences certified by I.F.R.A. we customize scented cards for any use with a perfect combination of high resolution images (300 DPI) and long lasting fragrances. our products become gadgets that, thanks to the double sensorial channel (sight and smell), convey the chosen image in an original and effective way. Thanks to these reasons, several international companies have chosen and appreciated our products for their promotional campaigns. As always our slogan “experience, professionalism, seriousness, quality”.

Customized air freshers

Realisation of personalised lines on the specific needs of the client. Intense fragrances that are remembered, becoming an original and impactful projection vehicle. Original custom packaging with attention to the smallest details

SIZE high quality M.O.Q. 3.000

• up to 20 cm2
• Fup to 35 cm2
• up to 52 cm2
• up to 65 cm2
• up to 81 cm2
• up to 100 cm2
• up to 120 cm2


Perfumes of special scented paper (mixture of cotton and cellulose for the gradual release of the perfume); printing with special inks resistant to the effects of essential oils. All our essences are certified I.F.R.A. Four-color printing, high resolution graphics (photographic), or silk-screen printing. Front and back printing. High quality fragrances of your choices, one different every 1000 pieces with a maximum of 5 different. Cardboard thickness 2 mm. Amount of pure perfume 3 grams. The relative elastic (or plastic hook) is applied to the cardboard. Perfumes will be individually packaged in a barrier envelope that gives them a 24 months guarantee of fragrance duration (with sealed package).

• Cutting tool: if existing it is free, in case of personalized realization the cost will be communicated after the vision of the draft.
• Possibility of producing different images, in the same form, in minimum lots of 6x500 pieces.

Car air freshner with blister packaging

Possibility of attaching a 300 gr. coated cardboard blister, printed in four colors: various available and customized formats feasible.

Reed diffusers

• 7 rattan sticks height 27 cm. for the 100 ml version.
• 5 rattan sticks height 20 cm. for the 50 ml version. • Bottle with elegant design in transparent shockproof PET
or in glass, 1 color pad printing or label. • Possibility of recipes, both of pure perfume (without alcohol or water), with fragrances lasting over 70 days, and essences mixedwith organic solvents.
• Elegant anti-drip wooden cap.
• Elegant transparent PVC box, or four-color print cardboard on 4 sides, internal tester and hole to smell the fragance.

Tester fragrances

• 6 fragrances available
• Elegant design, product made of plastic

Ego purfurms


• More than 100 fragrances available
• Elegant design, luxurious product made of anodized aluminium.
Colors: pink, black, blue, silver

Scented boxes

CUSTOMIZATIONS: • Bottle: with adhesive label or 1 color pad printing
• Blister: front and back four-color printing and lamination
• We also replicate your famous perfume or perfumer.
• Our automated production line allows us to fill any type of bottle, even with sprays and triggers

Scented boxes

• up to 90 cm3
• up to 270 cm
• Boxes in custom sizes and graphic; the special composition of cardboard, cotton and perfume releases a pleasant fragrance without leaving stains on the graphic images.
• Releases fragrances constantly and gradually.
• The special composition avoids the staining of documents that eventually come into contact with the box.

Perfurms for wardrobe and drawers

SHAPE- SIZE • Small 100x100 mm
• Medium100x150 mm
• Big180x180 mm
• Scented ideas that remain over time and become a perfect promotional vehicle.
• Scented bags for wardrobes and drawers

We realize your scented ideas

• Calendars
• Boxes containing fragrant paper towels

Scented Bokkmarks

FORMATI • Medium155x45mm
• Big 85x40 mm
Printed front and back with special paper and stain-proof inks to avoid staining the book.
We can also make custom sizes and shapes.

Available over 100 fragrances, in addition to those of aromatherapy to improve concentration or relax or energize etc.

FRAGRANCES - Bookmarks

More than 100 fragrances available, in addition to aromatherapy to increase concentration or relax.