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Available fragrances: DESHABITANTE dogs, DESHABITANTE cats, IGENIZANTE eliminates odors scented, cleaner fabrics, cleaner kennels, MNERO rubbers repellent dogs

I love my pet is a line of products designed for four-legged friends that is made with natural products of the highest quality and consists of:
Dog repellent tyres polish
revives and polishes tires with a disaccustoming effect, your pet will learn not to do his needs on the wheels of your car thanks to the natural components (unpleasant to their sense of smell) contained in the product.
Dogs repellent
effective and safe olfactory bollard that corrects bad habits of dogs (based on essential oils unpleasant to dogs’ sense of smell).
Cats repellent
effective and safe olfactory bollard that corrects bad habits of cats (based on essential oils unpleasant to the sense of smell of cats).
Dog house cleaner
multipurpose spray ideal for purifying spaces inhabited by animals. Neutralizes odors and creates an unfavorable environment for parasites.
Fabric cleaner
active action detergent for cleaning fabrics and places frequented by animals (sofas, rugs, car upholstery, also ideal for those who transport animals by car). Removes grease, traces of burr, urine. Pleasantly scented, non- aggressive on fabrics.
Sanitizing odor eater
eliminates odors thanks to its active formula, it sanitizes the surfaces leaving a pleasant and persistent perfume.
All bottles are 150 ml with trigger and anti accidental splash system.