New Life
La Belle Vie
New Life
New Life
New Life
New Life
New Life

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Available Fragrances: Million, Boss, La Belle Vie, Paco, Giò, Crid

New Life is a new perfume for cars and small environments studied and made in Italy with an innovative concept: the cardboard is placed inside an elegant case that slows down the evaporation of the perfume, increasing its duration and avoiding having to use the transparent envelope as in normal deo cars; the cardboard is scented with innovative fragrances (I.F.R.A. certified) of high quality and with an attractive design to satisfy your increasingly sophisticated style.
There are various fragrances designed for demanding people, and all recall famous personal scents: they are all delicate and refined, fresh and persistent
The graphics created by a well-known design studio are modern and captivating, suitable for use both in any car and in small rooms and wardrobes.
The packaging – consisting of a precious refined box and a silver hanger – gives it a luxurious exclusivity
The very high concentration allows the fragrance to be released for over 7 weeks